If this is the case, it would be beneficial to seek the advice of a qualified and experienced gynecologist such as DR. DEEPTI ASATI. With over 14 years of expertise,DR. DEEPTI ASATI is one of the best gynaecologist in Mumbai. She has acquired a lot of respect from both the medical community and her patients because […]

Laparoscopy ,Sai Dham Mumbai DR. DEEPTI ASATI, one of the best gynecologist in Sai Dham, Mumbai Country, Mumbai, has extensive expertise in performing laparoscopy. She has immense knowledge and over 14 years of experience. Her patients have established a sense of trust and confidence in her because of her in-depth expertise and caring demeanor. Continue reading

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Family planning and contraception are important aspects of reproductive health that help individuals and couples make informed decisions about when and how many children to have. These concepts involve various methods and strategies to prevent or delay pregnancy. Here’s an overview: Family Planning: Family planning is the process of determining the number and spacing of

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A normal delivery, also known as a vaginal birth, is the natural process of childbirth where a baby is born through the mother’s vagina. It is the most common method of giving birth and typically involves the following stages: A normal delivery is the ideal method of childbirth because it is associated with fewer complications,

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